Crea Company was established in 2019 by the founding partners, Travis Lowe and Robbie Gaines. As pastors and friends, Travis and Robbie have heard
people say the same things about our area in Southern West Virginia and Southwest Virginia... "There's nothing to do here."  or "There aren't any jobs here." Translation... "there's no hope here."
Depending on the context and tense you say it, crea means to either create/make or believe. There are many reasons for why hardships have come in our area, but there are also reasons for us to make and to believe a future that inspires hope. Crea Company is all about creating a movement of "Make + Believe" that inspires hope in our community and region.

Crea Company is a movement to "Make + Believe" that inspires hope...

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Crea Company

1600 Bluefield Ave. Bluefield, WV 24701

Tel. 5704129816

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